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Whenever there is a group of people working together in a particular location, the health and safety of the group should be considered important and worth the time to organize.

This overview of health and safety in the office environment is meant only as a suggestion, especially for small businesses that may not have the funds for a human resources department.  It is not intended to be the only source of health and safety information a business should use when creating plans to support a safe working environment.  Consider researching various sources and devising plans that work for your particular situation.

The information, suggestions, and examples you’ll find in here come from several sources and workplace experiences.  The one common element is doing whatever is possible to make sure that employees are working in an environment that is safe, where their personal safety is respected, and health is important.  Adapt what might work in your environment and brainstorm what else you need to do to make sure everyone is healthy and safe.

Consider the major elements of good planning:

  • Environmental Evaluation
    • How is the workplace configured?
    • Are there risky locations on site such as dimly lighted parking lots?
    • What needs to be done to make sure hazards are reduced?
  • Emergency Preparation
    • Is there a plan for emergencies?
    • Who is in charge?
    • Who do you contact if an employee becomes ill or is injured?
    • Does anyone in the building have first aid training?
    • How do employees report injuries or hazards?
  • Reducing Physical Risk
    • Do employees know how to do the work without injuring themselves?
    • If an employee has an allergic reaction to a substance, can you assist emergency personnel?
    • Are there written policies about working while ill?
    • Have employees been trained on how to avoid dangerous situations.

The health and safety of all employees is beneficial to the health and safety of the business.  The well being of staff and the security of the workplace environment are the responsibility of employer with the help of the employees.

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