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Meeting Skills
Good meetings can lead to cost savings, higher performance, and competitive advantage.  Meetings that are inadequately managed can be the most frequent barriers to effectiveness in organizations.

There are many reasons why meetings are ineffective.  How often have you attended a meeting and come away thinking . . .
  • the meeting didn’t start or end on time.
  • the meeting didn’t stay on topic.
  • those attending the meeting weren’t prepared.
  • I didn’t need to be at the meeting because what was discussed has nothing to do with my job.
  • one or two individuals dominated the meeting.
  • the conflicts during the meeting are going to disrupt my relationship with co-workers.
  • what did we discuss?  Will there be any follow-up?
So, what did you do or bring to the meeting to make sure it was successful?  Did you participate?  Were you involved even when what you were listening to seemed to have nothing to do with you?  How did you support the others?  What did you offer?  How did you listen?

Those who call and those who attend meetings will find this booklet to be a good resource.  It is intended to support and improve the skills of all the team members. Each person attending the meeting has a responsibility to help make it successful, meaningful, and valuable.

Whether you are the planner, facilitator, or attendee, the time and resources spent in improving the skills and knowledge of meeting effectiveness is well worth the effort and investment.

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