Getting Started • Does your business need a web site?

Papillon Business Solutions© is a company providing simple, well managed Websites. Use your personalized Website is an online brochure which reveals your organization's unique offerings. With periodic changes, your site can act as an online newsletter or flier announcing projects, meetings, etc. Many newcomers to your community will search the Internet for local businesses and organizations. Your Web presence can work for you just as the telephone book does, only better - have 365/24/7 visibility.
Take the First Steps toward an Internet Presence
Schedule an appointment
  • Schedule an appointment with a PBS consultant for a free 1/2 hour to discuss whether or not your business can benefit from an Internet presence
Write down your ideas
  • Before the appointment, write down your vision of your business' Web site . . . search the Internet for businesses like yours . . . jot down what you like and what you don't like (don't forget to bookmark the sites)
Decide if a website is for you
  • After meeting with the PBS consultant, decide if having a business Web site is for you and move forward to make it happen
Read PBS Talking Points to get an idea of what the industry standards include, what makes a good site, and what to stay away from when building a Web site.

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